Yahoo recently released a program to help connect advertisers with technology partners that they have specifically selected and certified. This Partner Program is meant to cast a clarifying light on the crowded tech space by identifying advertising technology companies that are the most innovative and will help marketers achieve their goals. Kenshoo is thrilled to be a part of Yahoo’s Preferred Partner Program.

When choosing which companies to invite to be a part of the Preferred Partner Program, Yahoo assessed each company’s support of Yahoo Gemini and ability to deliver results for advertisers. Yahoo Gemini offers advertisers another way to connect with consumers, whether it’s on mobile and desktop search or through native ads. “We are excited to capitalize on the new opportunity for native, mobile and desktop search traffic that Yahoo Gemini has created,” said Kelsey Pahl, Senior Analyst at Ovative. “Kenshoo’s support for Gemini is making it easier to recognize the value these campaigns are adding to our existing programs.”

At Kenshoo, we build solutions to help advertisers connect with consumers in a scalable way across all their publishers while helping them achieve their performance goals. As a part of this mission, we have been rolling out support for Yahoo Gemini for some time now. This support allows advertisers to gain a holistic view of their activity across engines and be agile in their optimizations. “Kenshoo’s support for Yahoo Gemini has allowed us to take advantage of this new opportunity and manage campaigns across multiple publishers in a scalable way,” said Kelli Patterson, Senior Marketing Manager at Moosejaw.

We are extremely excited about the most recent additions to our Gemini support. In addition to advertisers being able to track Gemini performance, they now can leverage advanced bid optimization and forecasting for their Gemini campaigns. With access to sophisticated bid policies, advertisers can automate their bidding across Google, Bing and Gemini campaigns. They can also perform advanced forecasting across these engines, and automate the execution of a budget plan with recommended bid adjustments based on where the greatest opportunity for return is—no matter what engine.

Kenshoo clients have expressed great interest in Gemini and are equally eager to find ways to make the management of Gemini scalable amongst all their other publishers. “With Yahoo Gemini’s traffic expanding into desktop search, we wanted to make sure we were not missing out on any opportunities to reach consumers,” said Brian Wulfe, CEO & Founder of Effective Spend.  “We are excited to leverage Kenshoo’s support including bid policies that optimize across Gemini, Bing and Google.”

Just as Yahoo’s Preferred Partner Program is aimed to help clarify and educate the advertising technology landscape for advertisers, Kenshoo helps simplify the management and optimization of campaigns across multiple publishers. We are excited about the opportunity with Gemini and continue to look forward to empower our clients to reach their audiences across publishers.