With 1.86 billion monthly active users around the globe, Facebook is a powerful platform to reach a worldwide audience. Honing in on this global audience is facilitated by highly flexible geo-targeting that allows you to find users by country, region, or even free trade area. You can create ad sets per country or region to ensure reach within that specific area, or you can group countries and regions together and let Facebook optimize reach accordingly.

With the launch of Facebook’s Worldwide Targeting, there’s now an additional way to reach a global audience. Worldwide Targeting uses an advanced algorithm that allocates traffic to the users who are most likely to perform the specific event that you are optimizing towards, regardless of country.

The Best Way to Reach a Global Audience with your Mobile App

So, if you’re looking to reach a global audience for your Mobile App Install or Engagement campaign, is it better to target by country or region or to select Worldwide Targeting and let Facebook optimize?

To answer this question, we think it’s important to consider the following:

  1. Can your app easily be used anywhere in the world?
  2. Have you enabled Facebook to track in-app events?
  3. Is your budget big enough to support this strategy?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you should test Worldwide Targeting. It changes the strategy from an inclusive strategy (Which countries should I target?) that requires a lot of guess work, to an exclusive strategy (Which countries should I exclude?) that’s easier to execute after running a single global campaign and reporting by country.

How to Explore Targeting Options

Many customers found a perfect strategy by first running a Worldwide Targeting campaign optimized towards an in-app event. Once you have enough volume, you can analyze the data per country. This can be done using the Facebook breakdowns to measure the following metrics:

  • Volume per country
  • Cost-per-install per country
  • Purchase Cost-per-action per country
  • Revenue amount per country (assuming this information is reported to Facebook)

Analyze your Worldwide Targeting campaigns thoroughly. This analysis will help you determine whether to:

  1. Carve out the countries that are performing really well and test their performance separately to see if they do even better.
  2. Exclude the countries that are “free riders” – meaning using your budgets but not yielding profits.

(Stay tuned for an even deeper dive into how to analyze your Worldwide Targeting campaigns and take actions to improve performance.)

Kenshoo Client Success with Worldwide Targeting

With Worldwide Targeting, GREE, a global leader in free-to-play games, was able to expose their game DragonSoul to new regions they had never previously considered. After identifying these successful regions, GREE utilized Kenshoo Gaming campaign tools to create massive lookalike audiences in 250 countries and quickly scale their campaigns.

Finding and acquiring new users for an existing game can be costly. However, since taking over DragonSoul and applying Worldwide Targeting, GREE has seen a decrease in cost-per-install of 24% and a decrease in click-to-install of 41%. Also, most importantly, was a drop in cost-per-purchase which ended up 64% lower than when targeting single countries.

In order to profitably scale spend, the Kenshoo team recommended that GameHouse, a casual games platform, hone in on specific geographic areas where their games might be popular but they hadn’t yet invested. To do this effectively, they used Worldwide Targeting to scale their campaign globally and better understand where their games perform best. From there, they evaluated ROI and were able to drill in on the most profitable regions.

With a combination of Worldwide Targeting and Cohort Analysis, the GameHouse team was able to understand their ROI at specific time intervals and take performance-based actions, which led to incredible results. They were able to drive 700K installs at a profitable cost-per-install all while increasing their spend 3x month-over-month from August to October.

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