Kenshoo just celebrated it’s 10th birthday. Yep, we are firmly in the “tween” camp. It’s hard for us to believe too, but it’s true. Since 2006, we’ve gone from a team of three based in Israel to a multi-national company with 600+ employees, offices in 27 locations and campaigns running in more than 190 countries.

In the spirit of this 10th anniversary and the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., we thought we’d share a few of the things about Kenshoo that our employees are thankful for. Here goes…

A Decade of Kenshoo

The People

Hands down, this is what comes up most when we ask our employees what they like about their jobs. This includes Kenshoo employees, partners and clients. We describe ourselves and those we get to work with everyday as smart, passionate, friendly, generous, talented and supportive.

The Culture

Similarly to the people, the culture is one of the highlights of working at Kenshoo. Even though we’re no longer a small company, it still feels like it. Our culture is built on the core values of passion, innovation, and humility and this comes through in how we interact with each other and how much we care about our clients. In the words of one Kenshoo-er, “It doesn’t feel like a company, it feels like family.”


Our Clients

On that note, we LOVE our partners and clients and are dedicated to helping them be successful. It’s why Kenshoo started in the first place and why we continue to get up every day. One of our clients, Florence Su, from HP, said it best, “Kenshoo combines the most comprehensive search capabilities with superior global support services. …the company is extremely responsive to our needs and those of our agency partners.”

Our Global Perspective

With offices across 5 continents and clients in over 150 countries around the world, we are truly a global company with a global perspective. Our employees love to travel and visit other offices and client sites. Best of all, we enjoy learning from each other each and every day. Last year we logged 2,821 flights and 3,821 hotel nights.


We love to have fun and we try to create as much fun as possible for our employees as well as our clients and partners. From happy hours to friendly office competitions to our annual K8 summit, that brings together the world’s leading brands and agencies, we weave fun into everything we do. That includes being able to wear a onesie all day, to bringing puppies and pet spiders into our offices. Expect that fun will be had by all.


Being open and honest is in our DNA. Both internally and externally, we value transparency. Our employees, clients and partners know where we’re headed and why. From company meetings, to client calls, we have the direct and sometimes difficult conversations we know we need to have to move the business forward.


We are committed to innovation. It is one of our core values and it’s embedded in our mission which is to empower every marketer in the world with technology to build brands and generate demand across all media. It’s not a one-size fits all proposition so we are always looking for solutions to meet all of the different challenges our clients face. This is what energizes us each and every day.

Thank you for indulging us as we took you behind the curtain to hear what’s on the minds of our employees during our 10-year anniversary celebration. And, thank you to all of our clients and employees for being part of this amazing journey.