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As the world’s largest retailer, Walmart stores, websites, and mobile apps reach over 90% of US households every week. Kenshoo can help you stand out and capture demand on Walmart’s high traffic
 properties to reach YOUR consumers across their purchase journeys.

Drive growth with Walmart advertising using Kenshoo’s renowned optimization, analytics & automation solutions.

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Drive performance and impact with Kenshoo’s advanced optimization suite. Algorithmically optimize bids and budgets to make the most of your marketing investments.

Make the most of your data with Kenshoo’s comprehensive analytics suite. Derive actionable insights and make informed strategic decisions.

Best-in-Class Optimization

Enterprise-Grade Automation
Maximize productivity by automating repetitive tasks. Drive operational efficiency by streamlining time-consuming workflows. 

Do more in less time with Kenshoo’s automation suite.

Cross-Publisher Excellence
Manage your Walmart Advertising ad campaigns in one place. In one simple workflow, optimize your bids and set your budgets.

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Senior Manager, Retail Enablement from
Walmart Media Group

Kenshoo's GM of Ecommerce, Nich Weinheimer finds out from Walmart's Dionne Resnik what our new strategic partnerships means.

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Kenshoo’s Q&A with Walmart’s Dionne Resnik to Discuss Its New Advertising Partners Program
Kenshoo’s GM for Ecommerce, Nich Weinheimer spoke with Dionne Resnik, Senior Manager, Retail Enablement at Walmart Media Group, to delve deeper into what the partnership means for advertisers.

Kenshoo Online Shopper Survey: 
Walmart Is the Second Most Popular Destination in the US
Across all respondents in the survey, 26 percent reported that they had bought something on or via the Walmart app in the last six months, while another 16 percent had at least visited or browsed.

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