According to Forrester, agencies remain critical partners for search and discovery marketers. As such, it is important for agencies to equip themselves with leading technology platforms to excel within the industry.

Valuklik is a performance marketing agency specializing in SEO, SEM, and advanced analytics. As Indonesia’s leading digital marketing performance agency, the team selected Kenshoo as a trusted partner to deploy cross-channel solutions and execute campaigns across search, social, and mobile.

As the preferred partner for Valuklik, many clients of the agency utilize Kenshoo to manage their digital marketing campaigns. Two of the brands for which Valuklik utilizes Kenshoo that have seen particularly significant performance increases include Berry Kitchen, an online catering company, and ChizKing, an Indonesian snack foods company.

While the strategy and goals for each organization differed greatly, Valuklik was able to leverage all facets of the Kenshoo Infinity Suite to create unique, tailored programs to drive positive results.

Berry Kitchen partnered with Valuklik and Kenshoo to expand and develop its paid search program in order to drive conversions at a profitable cost. After onboarding, the team leveraged Kenshoo’s Bid to CPA (cost-per acquisition) keyword model bid policy to generate an uplift in conversions while keeping costs within a desired range.

After one month running Kenshoo’s Bid to CPA policy, the team drove a 21% increase in click-through rate (CTR), a 134% increase in conversions, and a 6.5% decrease in CPA.

Valuklik Chart

Not only did the team utilize Kenshoo’s advanced algorithms, but they also established efficiencies by running scheduled reports to glean insights to improve campaign performance. These combined efforts helped the Berry Kitchen team achieve immediate success and ensure they were track to continue to strengthen their program.

While acquisitions were the driving goal of Berry Kitchen’s digital marketing campaigns, another Valuklik client, ChizKing, was focused on audience reach and engagement to increase its brand awareness. In order to achieve this, ChizKing sought expert help from Valuklik and Kenshoo on how best to utilize Facebook® to reach its target audience.

After 3 months of managing its campaigns through Kenshoo’s Infinity Suite, ChizKing generated a 44% increase in overall reach, resulting in greater awareness for its brand. The team identified that mobile ads were more effective and prioritized these ads, allocating more budget and resources to mobile. ChizKing optimized its campaigns to focus specifically on mobile Newsfeed ads, and as a result, drove a 66% month-over-month increase in click-through rate (CTR).

Valuklik Screenshot for Blog

These are two prime example of how Valuklik was able to activate the Infinity Suite to create tailored programs to fit each individual client’s needs, leveraging tools to improve agility and grow their business and that of their clients.

Regardless of your vertical or goal, Kenshoo can adapt to your environment and help you achieve your distinct goals.  To learn more about the Kenshoo Infinity Suite and what it can do for you, click here.

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.