There’s a lot of hype surrounding video these days with people talking about digital advertising taking a substantial bite out of TV’s share of advertising dollars.

After all, video is the most immersive advertising experience available today to a mass audience, and technology like 4G is making it easier to reach every corner of the world (not to mention with superior quality outputs).

Video: at the vanguard of digital advertising

It makes sense for the larger brands who traditionally advertise on TV to make the shift. Why wouldn’t they? You have a medium where you can reach exactly the audience you want, at the time you want, with the message you want. And guess what? You can perfectly measure it to boot!

Traditionally, only large brand advertisers used video to promote their products and services. There was this assumption that production costs were very high and that video has no impact over direct response. But the rules of the game have changed friends.

The democratization of video

Large publishers and platforms like Facebook now provide the perfect canvas for users to engage with video advertising and take action. New technologies that allow anyone to easily create videos at affordable prices have emerged. The end result? Video is no longer reserved for the big boys. It has become the de facto medium to reach customers at scale and achieve strong results. Boom!

Today, we see companies reaping the benefits of leveraging video. According to Kenshoo Gaming data, video brings an average of 25% higher ROI than static banners. Non-branded advertising with clear performance goals have shifted about 60% to 70% of the ad spend to video advertising. Investing in developing high quality videos pay off. It’s not a cliché, it’s backed by facts.

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