Note: This is the final post in a 5-part series tracing the steps we went through to redesign the Kenshoo logo leading up to our new brand launch on the 10th of February. In case you missed it, catch up on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, and Part 4.

Leonardo Da Vinci said something about an artist’s work never being complete, and indeed, it can be hard to recognize the right moment to put down the paintbrush or step away from the keyboard. In this case, thankfully, we knew it when we saw it.

Kenshoo’s new logo has a strong sense of purposeful adventure. It says we’re best-in-class, yet amiable. It is future-focused, but maintains a strong foundation. There’s an unstuffy integrity to it, and a fluid sense of motion that knows and likes where it’s headed. Like Kenshoo, our new logo is unique.

We like how it elevates all of our materials, and most importantly, makes them feel more like ours. And the process of making it happen was beautifully demonstrative of what’s so special about Kenshoo — many minds and talents from different disciplines joining forces to move the needle.

So, enough talk, right? Want to see it? Tune in to on Monday for the launch.