More than anything else, mood dictates how I dress. I’m sure this isn’t rare, and if you think about it, it’s a great luxury. The whole notion of ‘What am I feeling at this moment, and what does that make me want to have in my proximity, make me want to express,’ is liberating! It allows us the freedom of undos and takebacks and reinvention.

Now — #firstworldproblems aside — imagine having to choose one getup to wear indefinitely, a single combination of elements that wouldn’t change according to context or occasion, let alone mood. One outfit, one you.

The requirements are endless: It’d have to work regardless of location, formality, or the company you were to keep. Never mind the rough meeting you had yesterday, or big award you won this morning. It would have to intangibly feel right at the core, be authentic to you in the present, yet hint to everything you once were and aspire to be. It would need to travel well, be easy to tote around. Stand out enough to be memorable, but probably couldn’t shock or confuse, not day in and day out. Oh yeah — and look good everywhere, always.

Tall order. I bet it would take awhile to get dressed.

This is precisely why logo design is so tough. A logo is intensely personal to a company and to the individuals who comprise it. It’s the one outfit that has to be worn every day and everywhere and by everyone.

Over the next 5 days, I’ll take you through the process we went through at Kenshoo to redesign our logo. And then, next Monday, we’ll reveal our new look.