Don’t let Twitter advertising spook you — Kenshoo is here to show you the tricks of the trade to make your efforts frighteningly successful. According to eMarketer, global social advertising as a whole is expected to grow by 142% from 2013 to 2016; Twitter contributes heavily to this triple-digit growth, expected to grow 337% on its own in within the same time period. Brewing in popularity and growth, Twitter is an efficient and effective advertising treat for marketers!

Kenshoo recently released a Twitter Advertising Playbook which provides an overview of how to turn 140 characters into opportunities for marketers to grow business. With over 270 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets per day, the channel offers up a space for marketers to join in on the conversation by interjecting relevant and targeted messages to highly-desirable audiences.

Twitter provides unique targeting options that won’t take you on a witch-hunt to connect with consumers relevant to your business. You can create audiences by interests, implement lookalike modeling, or pinpoint more custom targets by utilizing @usernames (also known as “handles”). Then, you get more granular by mapping email lists to Twitter handles and targeting by geographies.

Once you’ve determined your target audience, you can utilize the many Twitter ad types to achieve both branding and direct response goals. As shown below, options like Twitter Cards are designed to drive engagement, while Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets give marketers the opportunity to amplify messages and grow their follower base.

Twitter Cards

Don’t let the investment in Twitter advertising scare you — a recent study found that followers exposed to Promoted Tweets had a purchase intent 2X that of non-followers also exposed. Gaining a follower base via Promoted Accounts coupled with the increased exposure Promoted Tweets bring will generate brand awareness while also contributing to overall conversions and sales.

Kenshoo’s full Twitter Advertising Playbook includes a more in-depth look at Twitter advertising targeting, ad types, and optimization tactics. To read the playbook in its entirety and learn how to manage your Twitter advertising campaigns through Kenshoo, visit Wishing you a Halloween season full of tweets and treats!