Did you miss our 2017 K8 Summit and some of our big upcoming product announcements? Or, did you attend but need a refresher after all the panels, breakouts, and labs?

You’re in luck!

With our K8 in 8 announcement countdown you’ll see some of the exciting features that are coming your way in the next weeks and months.

1) Kenshoo and Pinterest Partnership Launches “Search Ads on Pinterest”

Kenshoo and Pinterest launched a new solution for search marketers: “Search Ads on Pinterest” targets shoppers interested in discovering new products. Pinterest’s shopping-focused audience can be reached with visual ads through a new advertising program aimed at current SEM marketers. Kenshoo is helping Pinterest bring this capability to market with Kenshoo’s scalable marketing capabilities, initially supporting Pinterest’s new shopping campaigns with powerful and efficient campaign mirroring, reporting, budget management, and optimization. Reach, action, performance… Kenshoo’s advertisers can have it all, along with the ability to influence audiences even earlier in their stages of product consideration. Register your interest for the March beta testing here!

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2) Kenshoo Supporting Snap Ads

Kenshoo’s publisher support expands with new support for a popular video-driven mobile ad format: Snap Ads! Snap Ads consist of 10-second vertical play videos with optional direct response actions including longer form videos, mobile websites, articles, and mobile app installs. Snapchat reaches 41% of 18 to 34 year olds everyday, and now you can too with rich video ads powered by Kenshoo.

Register your interest for the current beta testing here!

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3) Social Forecasting

Kenshoo is the first Facebook Marketing Partner to provide paid-social marketers with a forecasting solution that maps investment levels to marketing potential. Kenshoo’s Social “Halogen” product works across Facebook and Instagram campaigns, with support for Snapchat forthcoming. Combined with Kenshoo’s mature Search Halogen product, marketers now have the tools to plan and execute across the most engaging ad formats. Beta testing starts soon!

4) Marketing Dashboards for Cross Publisher Insight

Kenshoo takes insights to a new level with integrated dashboards to support the entire marketing team. Merging campaign performance data with historical projections and external benchmarking, Kenshoo’s new Marketing Heads-Up-Display unifies campaign results with business KPIs, product breakdowns, and integrated cross-publisher forecasting. Now your entire team can understand how advertising is working across the consumer journey, with special highlights on segmented performance data and identifying product “pushers” vs. product “draggers”. Beta testing starts soon!

5) Real-time Optimization

Kenshoo’s KPO now offers the flexibility for you to determine when our machine learning models update your campaigns: you can choose daily updates or even hourly model refreshes. Marketers chasing hot product opportunities, responding to dynamic competitive environments, or even riding trends from external events can now rely on Kenshoo to optimize with the dynamics that work best for their strategy.

6) Shopping Mirroring

Kenshoo’s powerful Campaign Mirroring solution drives dynamic synchronization between all the components of a search campaign across multiple publishers. Now that power comes to your product feeds with full Mirroring support across Google, Bing, and soon Pinterest.

7) Creative Refresh

Using Creative Manager, clients can manage media holistically, automatically sync brand assets, prepare media for multiple ad formats at scale, and now quickly refresh media to fight ad fatigue or deliver multi-touch storytelling. Creative Manager’s newest feature allows advertisers to easily organize video and image assets into Collections and assign them to ads for scalable creative refresh.

8) Holistic Measurement

Connecting publisher and third-party cross device data with the advertiser’s first party audiences, Kenshoo is offering additional levels of insight for online, offline, and in-app engagement. Creating a self-service environment that supports almost any conversion type and aligning those with business goals, Kenshoo’s approach is aimed at understanding the incremental benefits that each publisher offers. Beta testing is set to start at the end of Q1.

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