The peak end-of-the-year shopping season is nearly upon us. Marketers, are you and your campaigns poised to capture seasonal success this year? Last year, we provided best practices to help you maximize your paid search during the holidays in our seasonal Guide for Retail Search Marketers. In this Guide, Ted Schuster, Associate Director of Advertising at Resolution Media, contributed a Marketer Perspective, sharing his timely tips for surviving the seasonal swarm. We’re excited to share an excerpt of Ted’s perspective on our blog to keep you “In the Loop” as the holidays swiftly approach.

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Some parents (like mine) hit the malls as early as August buying presents for the holidays. A bit overboard? The argument could be made. But it’s that same spirit of preparation that will make what is often a dauntingly complex season for marketers significantly more manageable.

Here are some ideas that can help:

  1. Have a “master plan” for your team that consolidates everything you’ll need to maintain structure, including media run dates, promotions, launches, testing, on-call list, employee/client vacations & phone numbers, etc. It’s crucial to have this all in one document or location so that it’s easy to find. Make sure that everyone knows about it and has access to it. Plus, rotating who is on-call can make everyone’s life easier.
  2. But…prepare for the unexpected. Often the year’s business goals are on the line and decisions made and pulled off quickly can make a huge difference. It’s crucial to have your team at-the-ready and willing to work through some last-minute shifts. It’s bound to happen.
  3. Be more conscious of your time. Meetings, calls, and events can pile up (especially at this time of year), but there’s never a more important time to reassess what’s mission-critical and what can be moved or altered. It’s important to give yourself space so that your work (and mental health) doesn’t suffer. This may also be a good time to wake up a bit early and enjoy a quiet, peaceful office.

Make sure your team and co-workers know that the extra effort is appreciated — a little gratitude goes a long way.