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As we continue along the road to Infinite Optimization, we’re constantly looking for new ways to ensure the concept resonates with our clients and the community.

This week I’ve been discussing some of the ways we’ve brought the promise of Infinite Optimization to life through personainnovationmessaging, and personalization.

Today, we’ll look at how we’re elevating the play to an art form. Literally.

For starters, we’re taking the brush strokes that represent the infinity loop and swathing them across our collateral and social media profiles.

We’re also adding painterly touches to our print adverts:


More recently, we’ve installed scribble walls in offices for people to share daily doses of inspiration:

infinite optimization loop - aaron

And we had famous Israeli artist, Rami Meiri, hold workshops with our team to create works of art modeled off our core values.

core values mural

The latest Infinite Optimization offshoot is a media campaign we’re running in digital and print. (Other channels and formats coming soon!)

Here we’re applying the theme a bit more directly…

Digital marketing is an art and a science.

The key to success is striking the right balance.

Our clients are talented artisans that thrive on insight and clarity.

Kenshoo’ers are crafty scientists building the elite tools of the trade.

The result is that each artist can unleash his/her talent to achieve full potential and create ROI masterpieces.

Below is an ad we ran in the Digital Marketing Depot Guide to PPC Campaign Management Tools:


And here’s something we’re running now on and


In the final post in this series, I’ll talk about how we’re thinking about physical manifestations of Infinite Optimization.