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On Monday, I pontificated the promise of Infinite Optimization.

Yesterday, I indulged the intricacies of Infinite Innovation.

Today, I’ll mine the marketing messaging.

We first publicly introduced Infinite Optimization at our UK Agency Summit in January.  (Of course, it was Infinite Optimisation for the British crowd.)

We got a great response from our clients and it was fun to see them talk about what Infinite Optimisation means to them:

In March, we updated to put Infinite Optimization front and center with the line, “We deliver unparalleled results by empowering sophisticated marketers with cutting-edge technology.”

We also began to expand on the infinity concept and loop shape, thinking of it more as a palette upon which we can paint a portrait of our promise.

Here’s some pretty prose to that effect written by Margo, our director of brand management:

“Superior research and engineering combined with a creative/innovative attitude puts Kenshoo squarely at the intersection of art and science — and at the helm of each. Kenshoo is future-focused; our clients are exploring new frontiers with infinite momentum. The possibilities are endless.

The infinity loop is represented artistically to demonstrate the harmony and synchronicity between various aspects of our offerings, and the ‘artisans’ behind them.

The graphic can house correlative pairs and symbolize the fluidity of motion and continual improvement between them, i.e. Marketers & Technology, Goals & Results, Brands & Consumers, Local & Global, Intent & Interaction, Search & Social, etc.”


Tomorrow, I’ll share some ways we’re making the promise of Infinite Optimization more personal.