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Yesterday I shared the premise behind the promise of Infinite Optimization.  How do we keep our clients ahead of the curve? It essentially boils down to Infinite Innovation.

But how do we go about innovating?

At Kenshoo, innovation is not any one person’s job. It’s everyone’s job.

That said, we do have one person who serves as our innovation leader aka chief instigator. Her name is Danny Lev and she’s shared some thoughts on the topic of innovation on this blog.

Danny is part of the Kenshoo Labs team which focuses on incubating new ideas through the proof-of-concept phase before turning them over to the tech team when they are ready to be productized.

So where do those new ideas come from?

Often times, they come from the Kenshoo Innovation Community. This is an internal portal where a wide range of ideas (679 to date!) are harvested from the intellectual curiosity of our staff and our clients. Within the portal, Kenshoo’ers comment and vote on each idea with the most relevant ones moving forward.


As we build the framework for Infinite Optimization across all media, there are some key areas ripe for exploration and disruption (aka innovation). I won’t get into them in this public forum but, rest assured, the Kenshoo product roadmap is aligned with our mission and will deliver on the true promise of Infinite Optimization.

Meanwhile, we’re continuing to expand the Infinite Optimization theme throughout our marketing activity. Tomorrow I’ll share some specific executions.