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We meet again! Hope you’re enjoying the road to Infinite Optimization and not feeling too much like this is the infinite blog series.

Last week, I shared the vision and construct (a, b, c, and d) around Infinite Optimization.

This week, I’ve been retracing our steps in designing the infinity loop visual.

On Monday, we saw the first move away from the big box marketecture.

On Tuesday, we experimented with colors and shapes.

On Wednesday, we got our first look at the loop.

Yesterday, we softened things up and added some fluidity and movement.

But we still weren’t there yet.

Yoav pointed out that everything was too contained. The solid lines were out of sync with the continual disruption that we pride ourselves on at Kenshoo.

After 30 minutes of discussion about potential revisions, Yoav suggested we put down the mouse and pick up a paint brush.

So we started with a blank canvas.

We revisited the story. (Let’s start from the beginning.)

We incorporated our mission. (Star Wars, anyone?)

We introduced SmartPath. (A little purple for the pallete.)

We worked Local into the final frame. (Closest to Earth, of course.)

And we removed the channel logos. (Kenshoo is the name people should remember, right?)

And we colored outside the lines…

The final rendering of the loop closely resembles what we use today:


In later iterations, we removed Local (it’s a different dimension than search/social and just looked like an after-thought down there at the bottom) and brought more color to the intersection (weaving in some Kenshoo Local and SmartPath colors):


We liked how the Rorscach-esque color splatter in the middle emphasized that the whole is truly more than the sum of its parts. When search and social come together, we can do some truly remarkable things such as retargeting people on social networks with bespoke messaging based on what they’ve searched for. Behold truly Closed-loop Targeting!

We also created a version that includes all 4 product logos and the channels and systems we integrate into our platform to help demonstrate Universal Integration and Dynamic Attribution across all touch-points.


So now you’re in the loop with the evolution of the loop. Wondering what comes next?

On Monday, I’ll talk about what we’re doing with the Infinite Optimization theme going forward as it relates to Kenshoo product development and marketing.