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Greetings explorer! We’re on the trail of Infinite Optimization and walking through our design process with the stops at various detours along the way.

On Monday, I shared our original re-imagining of the Kenshoo marketecture which, looking back now, does not seem very imaginative.

On Tuesday, we touched up the graphic with colors and shapes that were more reflective of the Kenshoo persona.

Yesterday, we looked at an early iteration of the infinity loop that got us thrown for a loop by Yoav’s feedback that it was too literal of an interpretation. Yoav wanted to see us visually convey the fluidity of our platform and the magic that happens at the intersection of search and social.

So Margo and I went back to the drawing board… and the space theme. In our minds, we could picture the infinity loop swirling around the search and social planets and we were intrigued by the potential “milky way” created by the collision.

This is what we came up with:

We tinkered with the last frame quite a bit and eventually landed on this version as the final resolve:

infinityloop-part3dThis graphic definitely felt more fluid and open. We also liked how the painterly strokes tied into the Forrester Wave, which we’re still riding.

After showing it to Yoav again, we knew we were close but not quite there. It was still too literal. It still felt like something that had been done before.

More than anything, Yoav felt like the shape was too solid and rigid, which was in contrast to the agility and flexibility of Kenshoo. After looking at the loop for another minute, he asked, “Margo, do you paint?”

The answer was yes. In fact, here’s a picture of Margo painting a picture at the Chicago office holiday outing a few months prior:


Check back in tomorrow for how we unleashed our inner artist.