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Yesterday, I shared a graphical depiction of Kenshoo’s product offering that was intended to be more in line with our persona and visual identity.

We were off the mark though, as it was too Kenshoo-centric. We needed to tell the story of Kenshoo through our clients’ eyes.

The purchase funnel is dead! Today’s path-to-purchase is long and winding and doesn’t stop with the sale… it continues over the course of a lifetime customer relationship. In fact, you might say it’s infinite. (Read more on this thread in part 1.)

The version below was our attempt to put Kenshoo’s solution in the context of today’s marketing landscape and this is where the idea of the infinity loop first took hold:

We also updated Kenshoo Enterprise to Kenshoo Search

Below you can see the final frame which presents a much more simplified version of the Kenshoo product suite, albeit slightly incomplete. (We couldn’t figure out where to put local!)

infinity loop-part2c

We took our work-in-progress to Yoav, our CEO, and his first reaction was that he liked the direction and client-centric focus. He pushed us to be more creative, though. He felt the story and graphic were too literal.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to see how we addressed Yoav’s feedback.