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Welcome to day 4 of Infinite Optimization 101.

In case you missed it, part 1 of this series covered the the vision, part 2a covered connecting with customers, and part 2b covered streamlining workflow and scaling campaigns.

Today, we’ll look at another critical issue faced by modern marketers and how Kenshoo’s Infinite Optimization framework addresses it. Tomorrow, we’ll close out part 2 with one more C + S.

Challenge #3: Where should I allocate my spend?

Not all interactions are created equal and, when managing multi-channel campaigns, it can be difficult for marketers to know which ads are really moving the needle against bespoke business goals.

Solution: Dynamic Attribution

Kenshoo SmartPath allows marketers to map all touch-points along the path-to-conversion and bid to the true value of each interaction.

Whether it’s paid, owned, or earned media, Kenshoo can track it, determine how much influence it had on driving conversions, and automatically inform Kenshoo’s bidding systems how much each ad is actually worth.

By looking at each conversion event uniquely and assigning credit to each ad based on causality, synergy and loyalty, the algorithms that power Kenshoo SmartPath deliver unprecedented accuracy.

The result is a clear view into performance by placement and channel along with actionable budget allocation recommendations.

Tomorrow, I’ll share the fourth key challenge that Kenshoo addresses for marketers.