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Let’s keep truckin’ with our behind-the-scenes look at Infinite Optimization.

In part 1, I shared the vision and, yesterday, I discussed one of the biggest challenges faced by today’s marketers and how Kenshoo solves it.

Today, we’ll look at another major pain point and frame the Kenshoo offering around it. Then, tomorrow and Friday, I’ll posit 2 more key challenges and solutions.

Challenge #2: How do I streamline workflow and scale my campaigns?

With more channels, publishers, partners, and systems than ever before, there are too many variables in play for a mere mortal marketer to manage.

Solution: Universal Integration

The Kenshoo Universal Platform provides a central place for marketers to integrate all their channels and systems for holistic campaign measurement.

Kenshoo has completed integrations with more than 100 3rd-parties across Search, Social, Local, Display, Affiliate, Mobile, Comparison Shopping, and Retargeting so that we can serve as a marketer’s true North for tracking and data analysis.

On top of all the various marketing channels, we also hook in with our clients’ internal systems to automate and improve campaign relevancy and performance. This includes synchronizing inventory and other dynamic variables, supporting Product Listing Ads, and tying in with call-tracking systems.

In terms of workflow, Kenshoo empowers marketers with innovative tools to accomplish tasks that used to take hours or days within seconds and minutes. Examples here include a desktop application that enables cutting and pasting of campaigns across engines, functionality to quickly find, adjust, and schedule any element of any campaign, and campaign template libraries so marketers never need to start from scratch.

How do our clients feel about these benefits? This Ode to Kenshoo from our friends at Chacka Marketing about sums it up.

Tomorrow I’ll dive into challenge #3 that keeps marketers up at night. Until then, sleep well!