Note: This post is a follow up to a 3-week blog series exploring the roots of Infinite Optimization™. To read the whole thing in one fell swoop, download the e-book.

In part 4e of this series, I talked about how we’re incorporating the art theme into our go-to-market messaging and, in part 4f, I promised more physical manifestations of Infinite Optimization.

Indeed, at the K8 Summit, Kenshoo clients and partners from around the world gathered in Sausalito, California to participate in a day of interaction and innovation. You can read Lindsay’s post on our blog for a recap of the event.

One of the highlights from K8 was the Kenshoo Ecosystem Challenge. This two-hour activity took place during the afternoon and gave attendees a chance to explore the beautiful resort grounds at Cavallo Point while engaging with various Kenshoo partners to learn how they support holistic digital marketing programs.

To help teams navigate the scavenger hunt, we armed each team with an iPad mini and a cool app designed by Mint Chip. The app guided participants through 16 checkpoints and provided information about each Kenshoo partner and the value they add to our ecosystem. (Yes, there was a quiz at the end!)


One of the stations was led by famous Israeli Artist, Rami Meiri. Rami asked our clients to dig deep and add to the canvas a portrayal of their inspiration. From travel to nature, we got some great contributions and the final result was truly a masterpiece. Enjoy…