Gaming advertisers set a good example for the online marketing world ‒ one to take notice of and emulate. Always at the forefront of best practices, gaming marketers push the limits of publishers and platforms at every occasion. It’s no wonder they are  early adopters of nearly every new advertising product in market.

Facebook is the main source of quality players for any serious game developer. It is a constantly evolving ecosystem and new solutions are frequently being developed to help advertisers reach their relevant audiences.  Game developers are normally the first ones to test these new tools.

This is why keeping pace with new Facebook products is so crucial.

When new ad formats are introduced, sophisticated marketers want to be able to quickly test and integrate these new options into their programs. This isn’t always possible since oftentimes the newest ad formats are not immediately available in the native advertising tool—as is the case with Carousel Ads with Video or multi-dataset Custom Audiences. And, no one really wants to use multiple platforms or take many manual steps to run campaigns or create ads.

It’s for these reasons that Facebook Marketing Partners, like Kenshoo, are deployed. We ensure that you always have access to the latest innovations and provide you with the necessary tools to run your campaigns more efficiently and with added intelligence, automation, and scale, while lowering cost and improving ROI.

So if you really want to be a pioneer, adopting best practices early and reaping the benefits of being first to market, pay careful consideration to your partner’s speed of adoption to newly released functionality and tools.

At Kenshoo, we’re proud to report that within our gaming solution, we support every Facebook feature that is mobile app centric, proving our commitment to mobile and growing our investment in the gaming vertical.

In your search for a partner, find one that focuses on what matters to you to be ensured that the features that will ultimately accelerate your advertising and make you an acquisition guru will be the ones implemented and prioritized.

Game on.