The structure of paid social and search campaigns is just as important as the structure of a house. Without good bones, the house will collapse, as will the campaigns if not structured and optimized efficiently. Today, I’ll give you a glimpse into the structure of Kenshoo’s paid social and search campaigns and share 4 tips and tricks to keep your paid media “house” in tact!

Separate Brand and Non-Brand Efforts

For most marketers, it is important to have a paid search presence for both branded and non-branded terms in order to generate interest and traffic from both types of searchers. These efforts will likely have different messaging and bidding strategies, therefore it is important to house them in different campaigns.

At Kenshoo, we follow this strategy, by managing campaigns for “Kenshoo” branded keywords separate from campaigns for “PPC”, “Social Media Management’, and  “SEM”. This way, we’re able to update messaging and bidding strategies separately according to our goals for each effort seamlessly.

Group Product Terms Together

Similar to the tip above, it is important to group your search keywords by product or service. Your organization may have different goals for each offering you provide, and in order to transfer those goals to your paid search strategy, it is imperative to group them together. For example, your organization might allocate more budget and put greater focus on your flagship product over other products, so having the ability to easily separate out those efforts will make management and updating much simpler.

Tailor by Location and Language

Another customization that marketers often make is adjusted creative, messaging, or overall strategy based on location and/or language. It may seem obvious to adjust your efforts based on language, but even if language isn’t something your organization focuses on, region and location can be huge. Your company may offer different products and services based on location or even have different sales and promotions for different regions. A great way to more easily manage this is to create different profiles or campaigns for each. With Kenshoo being a global organization, we strive to tailor our messaging for each region. To do so, we have separate efforts for our key regions.

Utilize Naming Conventions for Easy Tracking and Reporting

Whether it be search or social marketing, naming conventions are a way for marketers to better track their efforts based on a combination of characteristics or attributes. This makes it easier to distinguish one effort from another and helps when presenting aggregate performance reports. Kenshoo Social’s naming convention is a simple and automated way to implement a uniform naming convention with ease.

Follow these best practices to create a solid foundation for your social and search campaigns and take the complexity out of management and optimization. Be sure to continue to check back on to learn more about Kenshoo’s very own campaigns and take away tips and best practices to make your efforts successful!