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Search is evolving at a rapid pace. New visual and mobile-friendly ad formats are being introduced. Search is happening in new places and moving into new phases of the consumer journey. And, change is accelerating. As search moves beyond the keyword, are you keeping up?

Kenshoo orchestrates advertising across the world’s leading search platforms, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Pinterest. We solve your everyday challenges – scaling campaigns, audiences and creative; saving time; improving results; and extracting insights for better decisions. But, we also enable you to master the rapid changes in search marketing.

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Kenshoo leads the market in supporting the most impactful new publishers like Pinterest and major ecommerce platforms. We make it easy to quickly activate rich ad formats across publishers, so you can innovate and grow your business.

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First to Market

Kenshoo’s close, strategic partnerships with the leading media platforms means that we’re first to market with new search capabilities that move the needle for your advertising. Our automated industry migrations save you time and get you up and running with the latest formats sooner. So, you can seize new opportunities and increase your competitive advantage.

Results You Can Trust

Kenshoo has a vested interest in your success. Our engine-agnostic machine learning will put your money where it counts the most–within and across media platforms. With 11+ years of fine-tuning our intelligence, you’ll have the highest confidence in your results.

Smarter, Faster Decisions

Our insights and experience enable you to make smarter decisions at scale about where to place your bets – within and across ad types, business units, and media platforms. Analyze millions of keywords in seconds, so that you can get answers and take action quickly.