Instagram recently introduced their latest feature, Instagram Stories. The new format allows users to share multiple photos and videos to their followers in a slideshow format that disappear after 24 hours. This offering allows users to capture raw moments throughout the day and bring these stories to life with new text and drawing tools.

Instagram users are able to see stories from the people they follow in a bar at the top of their feed and easily click into the slideshows at their own pace by tapping to go back and forward or swiping to jump to another person’s story.


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Why is Instagram introducing this new feature?
Instagram “has always been a place to share the moments you want to remember. Now, [users] can share [their] highlights and everything in between, too.”

By introducing Stories, Instagram has widened the breadth of its offering and presented consumers the opportunity to engage with its platform more frequently. Not to mention the new format is an alternative to its competitor’s, Snapchat’s, offering.

Instagram is historically known for allowing its users to capture moments in time in an artistic manner and sharing with their networks. Now, with Instagram Stories, the photo-sharing company has added an additional layer of functionality to engage with the platform more often and experience more moments in their lives. It keeps the sole purpose of Instagram but widens the experience by increasing creativity, spontaneity, and frequency of posts.

Why choose Instagram Stories?
So, for a user who has a multitude of social outlets to interact with, why choose to use Instagram Stories?

  • Simple interface: Instagram Stories are easy to find, navigate, and add at the top of the your screen. In addition, navigating through others’ stories is intuitive as well.
  • All-in-One: For current Instagram users, there’s no need to exit the app to share stories. They can do it all in one place.
  • Search capabilities: It’s easy to search, explore, and discover friends and other people to follow on Instagram and engage with their stories.

For marketers, Instagram Stories may give them an opportunity to increase engagement and allow them to better “humanize” their brands. In addition, Instagram currently has a higher engagement rate and user base than other competing platforms, such as Snapchat, so it gives them a wider reach and better chance to reach their target audience. Of course, should advertising options become available, Kenshoo will evaluate the opportunity and provide the best solution to our clients.

Kenshoo is constantly working with our partners to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to publisher updates and industry changes and equip our clients with the best tools to embrace them. To learn more about our Instagram offering, view our brochure.