Welcome to part two in our conversation with Starcom Mediavest’s Andy Negus. Andy Negus is the Senior Paid Search Executive on the Travelodge account. In part one, Andy discussed the team’s recent Kenshoo Infinity Award win for Infinite Performance Optimization. Today we continue the discussion to hear what the future holds for Kenshoo, Starcom Mediavest, and Travelodge.

What was the team’s reaction when you found out you won the Kenshoo Infinity Award For Infinite Performance Optimisation?

Naturally we were delighted when we found out we had won the Infinity award for Infinite Performance Optimisation. Every member of the team has excelled themselves since winning the account, contributing countless hours in making sure the account has been a success story so it is really great that all the hard work has been recognised.

What is extra pleasing is that it was our partners at Kenshoo that recognised our success, suggesting not only do we have a great partnership but also that we must be leading the way as a Kenshoo client.


The Starcom Mediavest team accepts their award.

What do you think the future holds for Kenshoo + Starcom + Travelodge?

We are extremely excited about the future and 2014 is going to be a big year for us. Having had such a successful partnership with both Kenshoo and Travelodge during this first 12 months of our tenancy, we are now in a position to begin utilising more of the exciting new products that Kenshoo are bringing to the market.

For example, we were one of the first clients to adopt the Kenshoo Portfolio Optimiser, Events Calendar, and Budget Centre in which we are seeing fantastic early results. With a year’s data, a strong rapport with our partners and a trusting, willing client, we will continue to be early adopters of new opportunities and push the boundaries of paid search. As well as new opportunities, we will of course be following our ethos of ‘doing the basics brilliantly’ and hope for a long and successful future.

In this innovative and evolving ecosystem, what advice would you give to marketers looking to grow their search marketing program?

From my experiences, there are three pieces of advice that I would give to marketers looking to grow their search marketing program.

1. Get the basics right.

Whether the account you are working on is new, has been transitioned from an existing agency or is just in need of a refresh, a solid foundation makes for smoother sailing and will allow you to use more resources to identify new opportunities for your clients.

2. Be proactive.

Following the first piece of advice will allow you to be able to spend more time looking for and creating new opportunities. The digital marketing space is constantly evolving, and we should look not only to evolve with it by being early adopters, but also help to shape the future landscape by being part of the product evolution conversations with partners such as Kenshoo.

3. Form winning relationships.

Pay an interest and immerse yourself in every aspect of your client’s business and not just your own discipline.  This level of understanding will be highly appreciated by the client and will allow you to gain the support and backing you need to be able to trial new opportunities and allow you to take both their and your business to the next level.

Cheers Andy! Congratulations to you and your team. We look forward to seeing your success in 2014 and hope that it leads to another winning Infinities entry!

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