As a marketer, you know who your best customers are. You know which demographic slivers are most receptive to your product or service offerings. But, the targeting tools in your paid search campaigns may not always be granular enough to reach them.

In the second of our Search & Social Experiment series, Kenshoo shows how you can use insights from your paid social campaigns to better understand how to reach key customers by looking for differences in how they respond to messages on Facebook.

The experiment lays it out in more detail but the basic idea is this: selectively target your best customers on Facebook so, if you show them several different messaging themes, while holding other variables (like images) constant, you can see which one performs best among those target customers. Then use those same messaging themes in your paid search campaign, based on the assumption that these customers and potential customers are more receptive to that particular creative direction than the others that you tested.


There may be trade-offs. Activating one customer segment might have a negative impact on others. That’s why we encourage structured tests like this one to investigate how that balance affects your own individual efforts.

In short, it’s like the high-frequency whistle that only dogs can hear, only you as the marketer are testing different frequencies to reach the segments you want. Now get whistling, and good luck!