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  • “Velocity and Kenshoo combined to make the perfect solution for achieving Sonus’ local marketing goals. We established our goals for the program in advance, and with the help of SIM Partners and Kenshoo, we’ve exceeded them all to this point. We could never have predicted this level of success.”

    Elizabeth Rossini, Director of Marketing

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  • “Social media can be complex to plan, execute and scale without the right technology platform. Through Kenshoo, the Sears Holdings team has been able to quantify and improve the results we see from Facebook advertising and unlock the full value of this social channel. Kenshoo’s unique workflow tools helps us quickly create targeted campaigns and the tailored algorithms help optimize to our specific goals.”

    Adriana Llames Kogelis, Division VP, Social Media Marketing

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  • “We chose Kenshoo to power our SEM because of its proven track record for delivering sales revenue through advanced automation and intelligent algorithms. We’re counting on Kenshoo to continue delivering new solutions like the Kenshoo Editor to keep us ahead of the curve.”

    Tom Daniell, Head of Online Marketing

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