"SIM Partners exceeded all expectations. They think, fix, adjust, perform and over-deliver faster than I ever could conceive of with an internal team. Best of all, they are true business partners—our relationship goes beyond supplier/client. They always go the extra mile for any project, with incredibly creative problem-solving. Our ROI out of the gate was very strong and continues to improve. Hands down, the best partnership decision Sonus has made for its corporate and location-based online strategy."
Elizabeth Rossini - Director of Marketing - Sonus

SIM Partners Velocity™ and Kenshoo triple Sonus’s Qualified Leads

2.5 %
67 %
3 x


Sonus Hearing Care Professionals is part of the largest hearing services company in North America. Since 2002, Sonus has been a member to Amplifon Group, the global leader in hearing care distributors and service providers headquartered in Milan, Italy. In June 2012, Sonus hired SIM Partners, a marketing automation provider located in Chicago, IL. SIM Partners technology (known as Velocity™) allows national brands to maximize Social, Local Search, and Mobile at the location level. The program covers a multitude of local marketing strategies including National and Franchise-Level Paid Search using the Kenshoo Suite.


Sonus Hearing Care lacked a marketing solution that could generate leads at the location level for all of its Franchise Owners. Not only did they aim to drive quality lead traffic, but they also needed a solution to be scalable, automated, customizable, compliant, and most importantly provide a competitive return on investment. A challenge presented itself understanding that the Sonus key target audience was a specific demographic with unique needs and the BSSC (Business Services and Support Center) needed the ability to provide its locations with industry-compliant marketing content to boost their local conversions.


SIM Partner’s Velocity™ combined with Kenshoo provides Sonus locations with the ability to target their key customers using: hyper-local content, Custom Landing Pages, Mobile Pages, Paid Ads, Data Feed Distribution, Search Engine Optimization, Local Optimization and more. Now franchisees can feel confident their customers have multiple online channels through which they can find Sonus. In addition, all calls and leads coming through these channels are tracked and reported back to Sonus so they can effectively monitor performance.


Velocity and Kenshoo launched for Sonus in the Fall of 2012. Since launch, the joint performance of two hyper-local platforms has decreased Sonus Locations blended CPL by a total of 67% so far. The program has generated over three times the amount of anticipated qualified leads and is exceeding CPL targets! The SIM Partners Velocity Program in combination with the Kenshoo Suite is currently providing Sonus with a 2.5 Return On Investment.