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Full-context market intelligence for the
holy-grail marketing challenges—at the speed of AI

When it comes to data, context matters.
Marketing that relies only on internal metrics is by definition backward-looking and inefficient.
Business analytics disconnected from marketing are slow to operationalize, often missing the moment of truth. And both departments only see half the picture.

The first-to-market combination of Signals Analytics' AI-powered advanced analytics platform and Kenshoo’s renowned marketing activation and measurement technology is designed to connect insights and action like never beforeMake more of your marketing investments, make business decisions that aren't based on guesswork, and put your brand on top.  

When the insights you have meet the power of the signals you don't, the business wins.

Improve workflows with insights that connect the dots and actionable marketing intelligence to support the entire customer journey

Learn more about the powerful combination
of Signals Analytics + Kenshoo:

Signals Analytics' configurable data platform is powered by patented NLP techniques and contextual engines to go beyond the surface of words, and beyond basic social listening to extract true meaning and intent from a vast range of external data sources.


Unify strategy, sales and marketing with 360-degree data—and the tools to act

Transform your marketing organization from reacting after the fact to making fully informed, predictive decisions—about customer audiences, creative elements, sales performance, product strategy and retailer mix—that drive holistic intelligence and give your brand a competitive edge.

From the billions of data points generated each day, we'll separate signal from noise, surfacing the ones most meaningful to your business, and deriving actionable, measurable recommendations for your marketing that help you determine the business value of each insight.  

Social signals

Voice of the customer

Key opinion leaders

Emerging trends

Marketplace innovation

Demystify marketing roadblocks with relevant market intelligence

that help

you go beyond
to uncover the 'why'

Product claims

Competitive developments

Brand perception

Audience & publisher data

CRM & partner data

Winning brands rely on the insights generated by the Signals Analytics platform:

Product and Advertising Alignment
For example: Which of my products or services are my best bets for advertising, and where is the "white space" where I can gain a competitive edge?  More

Holistic Campaign Benchmarking
For example: How can I explain and plan for performance anomalies based on customer sentiment and search trends by sales channel (for example, a specific retailer), and/or based on the moves my competitors are making? More

Ad Profitability Optimization
For example: How can customer intention and sentiment trends provide proactive intelligence to drive conversion optimization of my advertising, ensuring maximum advertising return and impact? More

Media Mix and Category Growth
For example: Which developing trends present opportunities for me? Who are my most valuable customers and how can I find more of them? Which distribution channel and media investments are the best fit for my audiences and brand? More

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A Unique and Powerful Wealth of Combined Data

13K+ data sources from Signals Analytics meet customer and marketing data from Kenshoo's 
7M audience segments and $7B in annual media spend across 2K+ advertisers to enrich your marketing decisions with a broader range of data inputs:

  • Boost discoverability with market basket intelligence combined with category share data 

  • Find conquesting and upsell opportunities that increase impressions of your advertised assortment
  • Compare which products are most often viewed and shopped to your advertising high performers for a holistic view of where to lean in

Product and Advertising Alignment
Key Insights: Cross-Category Market Basket Data + Performance Metrics

Ad Profitability Optimization
Key Insights: Brand Intelligence Metrics + Advertising ROI

  • Evaluate the health of your brand against your competitive set and over time with views from multiple industry parameters: awareness via social posts, product usage via customer reviews, volume by units sold, averages of customer satisfaction, sentiment and needs

  • Connect the dots between customer sentiment about your brand impacts the performance of your advertising against brand terms, and the marginal ROI of those investments

Holistic Campaign Benchmarking
Key Insights: Search Trend Detection by Retailer + Competitor Signals

  • Gain early detection of seasonal or event-based search trends at each of the retailers relevant to your business so you can adjust your ad spend towards maximizing opportunity and reducing waste

  • Designate holistic and realistic campaign KPIs, plan activation within a competitor landscape and set benchmarks

  • Explain marketing and sales performance anomalies from a broad-landscape view with fuller context into customer sentiment and competitor initiatives

Media Mix and Category Growth
Key Insights: Customer Journey Trends + Audience Sentiment

  • Increase brand opportunity by gaining visibility into consumer sentiment about your brand and distribution channels, as well as shopping behaviors like comments and reviews, along the path-to-purchase 

  • Determine the relevance and conversion optimization opportunity of your offering at retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Sephora and more, as well as higher-funnel touch points like social media, search engines, and content publishers

  • Validate your audience targeting strategy through evaluation of customer preferences, conversations and needs, and identify new correlative segments that are predicted to become high-value customers


Augmented Analytics

Actionable Insights

Decoded Marketing

Configurable Analytics to Maximize Your Marketing Outcomes

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that help

you go beyond
to uncover the 'why'