The other week I had the opportunity to take our Search + Social Intersections conversation to São Paulo and met with many great advertisers and agencies. As with the Kenshoo Intersections events we’ve held in other cities around the world, I continue to be impressed with the engagement from our audience of digital marketing folks at brands and agencies.

Brazil is the most connected country in South America and certainly was ahead of the social curve, years back, with the launch of Orkut. There is much to learn from Brazilians about the social Internet and their connected lives – Geoffrey Moore would certainly define them as chasm crossers.

During the presentation, as I was building the Search + Social Intersection story and describing the synergy between the two channels, I noticed more head nods and “ah-ha” moments coming from the audience as they were anticipating the next slide in the narrative.

It turns out that many of these marketers have been working hard to get their search and social teams to collaborate more often. As with many organizations, getting teams to work together seamlessly is difficult when faced with hurdles that exist in departmental silos. The head nods I was seeing were leaders understanding their consumer journey and how search and social have a fundamental role in how consumers spend their time searching for and discovering content throughout their day. And some of the biggest “ah-ha’s” came from realizing how intent from search can be used to connect the dots with consumers through social media.

Kenshoo Intent Driven Audiences™ (IDA), the only solution in the marketplace to create an automatic bridge for search data into Facebook targeting, is a powerful ad solution. Aside from being an innovative product, IDA is creating dialogue between departments that operation in functional silos.  While I love to talk about how IDA is a breakthrough, innovative, Facebook award winning solution, the folks in Brazil were thinking about how the data and audience connections were creating pathways for collaboration at their companies.

It turns out that many of these marketers have been working hard to get their search and social teams to collaborate more often.

There are many reason we love doing our Intersection events and having great discussions with advertisers and agencies is certainly one. Hearing how our clients and prospective clients find ways to innovate and transform their digital marketing organizations is now a new reason to love these events.  Next time we’re in your town, make sure you get on the invite list and join the conversation!

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