This week, New York hosts Advertising Week, “the world’s premier annual gathering of marketing and communications leaders each year in New York City.” This is a full week devoted to the advertising industry and there are a handful of major events, dozens of conferences, and thousands of meetings that will end up having a major impact on the business for the following year.

I was fortunate to participate in a panel as part of MediaPost’s OMMA Display event.

Here’s the session description:

Panel – Making Search and Social Data Drive the Display Plan

Search marketers know data, because performance marketing ties knowledge of specific actions to revenue every day. Social media marketers identify subject matter for the purposes of amplifying conversation or maintaining a relationship. Social media and search have begun to work together in the form of using performance marketing data at the subject matter level to benefit both disciplines. Naturally, marketers would want to start using this information to not only target, but buy and manage paid media placements as well. This discussion will focus on advanced tactics for using subject matter data to help search, social and media buying disciplines work together for a more effective media mix.

MODERATOR: Kevin Ryan , CEO and Founder , Motivity Marketing, Inc. @KevinMRyan

PANELISTS: Josh Dreller (Director of Marketing Research , Kenshoo), Jeff Ferguson (CEO/Founder , Fang Digital Marketing), Shreya Kushari (SVP Search , Reprise Media), Jon Opdyke (CEO , HookLogic), Joe Weaver , (Managing Director , Mindshare Trading Desk)

We had a lively, one hour discussion on how Search and Social can help Display.

Some of the main points of interest included:

  • Search can be a very cost-effective way to build up strong cookie pools of first party audience segments which can be used to retarget consumers on Display channels.
  • Social chatter offers a fantastic data set for creative teams to figure out what are the hot issues and interests from a brand’s fan base and use those in display ad messaging.
  • Spikes on search volume for certain keywords can help determine which products a retailer should be promoting heavily


With Search and Social budgets capturing nearly 60-70% of many online budgets, it makes sense that marketers should be harnessing the data exhaust from these channels. Not only can their Display programs benefit, but there are probably a number of other ways to leverage these insights to help their entire advertising program—both online and offline.

Leveraging Search and Social to drive Display seems to be a major, untapped area for marketers to provide incremental value to their marketing organizations.