• Kenshoo Social for Travel

    Eliminate creative bottlenecks. Connect with the right travelers. Automate optimization for better performance. Find out how Kenshoo is enabling Travel marketers to achieve all of this – and more!

  • Energize E-Commerce Marketing with Kenshoo E-Commerce

    Online advertising has become the new storefront. Consumers are conducting more of the shopping journey online now than ever before, and keeping up with this trend means advertisers are tasked with creating engaging and enticing product ads to enable discovery and reach consumers at the point of purchase.  E-Commerce advertising is growing and provides many avenues to better engage consumers and drive results. Amazon is a leader in e-commerce and rapidly transforming into the top destination for customer engagement and advertising.

    Kenshoo E-Commerce allows advertisers to energize e-commerce marketing activities on Amazon by leveraging Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

  • Kenshoo Audience Manager - Holistic Audience Management Across Channels

    Combine the power of your CRM data with rich user data from the leading native media platforms to reach real people with intelligent audience targeting. Precisely target consumers based on their demographics, interests, and behavior to deliver more relevant messaging from awareness to discovery to conversion. Kenshoo streamlines audience creation, automates CRM refreshes, and provides audience insights so that you can easily scale your audiences within and across platforms to achieve your advertising goals.

  • Kenshoo Search

    Scale your paid search campaigns across media platforms with comprehensive automation, market leading optimization, and personalized industry expertise to efficiently meet your advertising objectives.

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