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The way consumers buy now has dramatically changed from just ten years ago. Meanwhile, manufacturers continue to adjust to the tumultuous evolution of retail. Retailers must adapt to better serve the new needs of both consumers and manufacturers while finding new revenue streams to remain viable.

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Commerce Advertising

The Evolution of Commerce Advertising

Within online stores, retailers are creating new opportunities to talk directly to their customers through new types of advertising and product promotions on their online sites. These new types of commerce advertising offer manufacturers a powerful and rapidly expanding marketing channel that can reach interested shoppers further down the funnel than ever before—at the point of purchase. As brand manufacturers become data-driven performance marketers and are able to show high and expanding ROI to their finance organizations, more ad dollars are unlocked to flow to retailers.

Not only does commerce advertising create a new, highly-profitable revenue stream for retailers, it also stimulates sales for their web stores and strengthens their existing manufacturer relationships which now span both online and offline.

Major Players in Commerce Advertising

Only online retailers with enough visitor traffic can launch viable commerce advertising solutions. Although the forecast for this channel looks very bright, today, there are just a handful of these ad networks available to marketers.

The Opportunity is Now

In this report, you'll learn more about this fascinating channel, what is its driving growth, and just how big the opportunity can be for retailers. This report explains: 

  • The rise of commerce advertising 
  • The 5 most powerful value propositions for marketers
  • The major retailers involved in the channel
  • The infrastructure requirements to offer commerce advertising
  • Whether retailers should build, buy, or partner to accelerate their solutions
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Commerce Advertising

Commerce Advertising: Retailer Private Ad Marketplaces Cater to the New Needs of Manufacturers