We’ve previously discussed the challenges of product specific advertising on Facebook and shared some of the struggles that one e-tailer, Netshoes, had with efficiently scaling ads across its product catalogue.

What once was a tedious and manual process, became an automated solution with Kenshoo Demand-Driven Campaigns (DDC). By connecting to the product feed, Kenshoo’s technology could automatically identify, select, and advertise the brand’s most relevant, trending products on Facebook.

DDC was an early solution to help automate product advertising on Facebook. Now, we are happy to announce support for the latest Facebook innovation that builds upon this concept, Dynamic Product Ads. Dynamic Product Ads allow you to automatically serve relevant products from your entire catalog across any device based on actions a person has taken on that product or product group.

Dynamic Product Ads can be activated in 4 easy steps:

1. Upload your product catalog in Business Manager

2. Set up your Facebook pixel

3. Create a dynamic template within Kenshoo

4. Run dynamic product ads via the Kenshoo UI

Advertisers will be able to use single or multi-product ad units within the Right Hand Column and the Newsfeed to surface ads to users across all devices.

Through Dynamic Product Ads, you’ll benefit from the ability to conduct retargeting using your own product feed to drive reengagement and have the option to showcase multiple links to drive further interest in complementary products, all in an automated fashion.

As shopping habits change and mobile commerce gains momentum, Dynamic Products Ads will ensure you won’t miss a beat on your consumer’s journey. You’ll be able to reach shopper regardless of which device a user was on when they initially interacted with your brand.

Kenshoo’s support for Dynamic Product Ads is available now – contact us to learn more.