Today, Facebook announced the beta launch of Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT), a new way for travel brands and agencies to reach their business goals, and Kenshoo is excited to be one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners to offer support. Based on key market trends and realizing the significance of having the first Facebook ad product developed specifically for social marketers in travel, Kenshoo quickly jumped on the opportunity to build out support for this solution, making it immediately available for beta clients to test.

“We’ve worked closely with Kenshoo over the last few weeks to enable the dynamic delivery of our hotel inventory. We think this ad type is the perfect fit for our performance-driven objectives and are excited to scale up our activity on Dynamic Ads for Travel in the coming weeks and months.”
– Jéssica Blando, Marketing, Hotel Urbano

Dynamic Ads for Travel is a feed-based product, conceptually similar to Dynamic Product Ads but specifically designed for travel brands, allowing hotel advertisers to serve their entire inventory at scale. Inventory is shown based on user engagement with specific hotels and creative is dynamically populated in an ad template with the relevant image, URL and select information including name, price, and brand. Additionally, advertisers can dynamically create audiences to retarget or find lookalikes based on dates or locations searched.

With Kenshoo, advertisers will always show their best hotels to the highest value audiences while meeting revenue goals. Using our advanced algorithms for automating bid and budget adjustments, advertisers can be hands-off and let Kenshoo optimize toward their target ROI or CPA.

Kenshoo also offers the unique ability to manipulate images in the hotel feed to display key attributes like price or discount opportunities. Hotel Urbano took advantage of this key feature, shown in the example below, in which the original version shows a plain image, and the manipulated version shows an enhanced message with Hotel Urbano’s logo and the hotel price, pulled from the feed, per image. No creative team has the capacity to do this type of manipulation for thousands of images and therefore images oftentimes do not deliver the full message. As a result, Kenshoo introduced this capability to give marketers more powerful ads while saving them time and resources.


hotel urbano      hotel urbano

As the need for more advanced capabilities arises among travel marketers, and as this ad type is opened up beyond only hotel inventory, Kenshoo will continue to build the best solutions to meet the most difficult challenges travel marketers face. We are excited to see the success that Dynamic Ads for Travel bring to our clients and look forward to leading the future of travel marketing.