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London (June 28, 2011) – Kenshoo (, a global leader in digital marketing software, today announced that Publicis Webformance, a leading provider of web development and Internet Marketing services for the small and medium-sized business community, will use Kenshoo Local to create and optimise paid search campaigns across its diverse client base in France.

“Kenshoo Local is exactly what we need to serve our clients more efficiently and grow our paid search offering,” said Maxime Baffert, Directeur Général at Publicis Webformance. “Kenshoo Local’s automated technology solutions will help our team get campaigns up faster and the advanced algorithms will help us meet each client’s specific goals. Without Kenshoo Local, we would not be able to scale our business as effectively.”

Kenshoo Local was built specifically for companies managing large volumes of small/medium enterprises (SME), stores, dealers, franchises, or individual locations. Built upon the Kenshoo Enterprise platform used by eight of the top ten global agency networks, Kenshoo Local is the first to offer capabilities that simplify account creation and enable mass management of hundreds or thousands of geo-targeted campaigns so that Publicis Webformance can manage more clients effectively and profitably.

Publicis Webformance will take advantage of Kenshoo Local’s objective management and budget management solutions to manage and optimize the campaigns of its clients, providing them with the highest standard of quality.

“We’re very excited about the partnership with Publicis Webformance,” said Sivan Metzger, General Manager at Kenshoo Local. “More and more, the SME market is turning to the Internet as a growth channel and Publicis Webformance has carved out a very strong position and turnkey solution. Armed with Kenshoo Local, the Publicis Webformance team will be able to do more for its clients in less time.”