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Award-winning technology to grow your business on the top social networks.

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Save Time on Basics — Make Time for Strategy

One lesson for social campaigns: run many, run often.

Kenshoo Social is the power tool for social advertising. Make short work of campaign operations and gain time for analyzing performance and driving business results.

Build Your Brand and Generate Demand

Reach your audience with the latest, most engaging ad formats. And let our expert staff help you execute the best strategy customized to publisher, time of year, and geo.

Open Platform — Accelerated Results

We’ve got your connections to Facebook, Instagram, Snap, and Pinterest.

And with 100+ additional integrations with leading solution providers, you can measure deeper, create faster, and integrate quickly.

Clients Love Kenshoo Social

“In the past two years, Lyft has expanded into 40 different states and 300 different cities. Managing that type of complexity without a partner like Kenshoo would be impossible.”

Russ Brodmerkle
Senior Growth Marketing Manager