The Purpose-Built Solution for Mobile App Marketers

Mobile App users have a very different consumer behavior, and your advertising efforts need to align for you to be successful! As an App advertiser, you need advanced analytics and optimization to support long-term relationships, retention and gradual ROI.

Adquant by Kenshoo is the perfect solution to help you focus on measuring long-term relationships with App users and optimizing towards users more likely to generate higher ROI in the future.

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89% of Time Spent on Mobile Devices is Within Apps

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google’s Universal App Campaigns (Youtube, Google Play, and the Google Display Network) gives you the tools and confidence to reach any user.

These publishers will not only reach any user but are the best in class – catching the right users with highest LTVs.

We Have You Covered Through the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Adquant by Kenshoo enables you to analyze user’s monetization behavior and the user’s funnel maturity overtime – sliced and diced by many different creative and targeting elements. This will help you predict and optimize and monetize towards loyal users.

Adquant by Kenshoo Provides the Value You Need for Successful Mobile App Marketing

From a robust creation flow, to cohort analysis, sophisticated optimizations and more, Adquant by Kenshoo gives you total control over your mobile app campaigns – across all the publishers that matter.

Track and Measure Lifetime Value of Mobile App Users

Mobile measurement is available through the Kenshoo S2S Integration, Facebook SDK and 3rd party partners.