Kenshoo’s Impact Navigator offers marketers control and clarity over data analysis, channel investments and decisioning, improving planning and growth optimization across all media

New York (September 25, 2019)Kenshoo (, a global leader in marketing technology, today will announce from EXPERIENCExSCIENCE, an Advertising Week special event hosted by the Advertising Research Foundation, the general availability of Impact Navigator, the only SaaS-based solution for measuring marketing incrementality. Impact Navigator leverages sophisticated AI and machine learning to rapidly design media experiments, monitor consumer reactions and measure marketing impact across channels. Armed with these insights, marketers can better plan programs, optimize spend and calibrate the flood of channel-specific data into a more accurate picture of their audience. 

“Understanding changing consumer media habits, discovering better approaches to engage our audience, is a key priority for our media at Panera Bread,” said RJ Keeney, Digital Media Lead, Panera Bread. “Kenshoo’s Impact Navigator has helped us measure our search marketing incremental effect that has been previously very difficult to prove out, and we are using these results to better align our marketing plans going forward.”

Kenshoo’s Impact Navigator brings a new approach for driving marketing performance that avoids the key problem practitioners face today: the loss of tracking and measurement data for their campaigns. This loss obscures the effectiveness of each media channel, causing them to fall back on faulty last-click measurement or hunches.

“In the age of wall gardens and pixel leakages, it became impossible to have unified measurement with multi-touch attribution,” said Yung Le, Director of Acquisition Marketing, Upwork, about Kenshoo’s Impact Navigator. “With incrementality, we now have a way forth to understanding the true value of our marketing efforts that can inform our budget allocation and media mix.”

Different from the in-channel A/B tests marketers use to optimize media, Impact Navigator measures the contribution to revenue or brand engagement across the entire mix of messages that consumers are exposed to in the real world. Unlike manually-designed incrementality tests—which can take 6-12 months to plan and generate a result—Impact Navigator can analyze audience behaviors simultaneously across all marketing regions and rapidly produce optimized plans for learning from these audiences.

Using Impact Navigator, marketers now can:

  • Drive growth: Uncover actual audience impact and boost those programs that drive results
  • Test at scale: Discover audience impact for all of your media on all of your channels
  • Minimize risk: Create tests that work with your requirements, accuracy levels and timing
  • Deliver results that matter: Live monitoring of audience behaviors before, during and after the test ensure results can be acted on with confidence
  • Save time and resources: No need for more staff; Impact Navigator is always available to help your team quickly discover and optimize what really matters to your customers 

Since the beta release of the solution in June, Kenshoo’s Impact Navigator has generated over 15,000 test plans for 20 early-access clients.

“Current approaches to measuring marketing attribution fall short, are costly to implement and don’t account for rapidly changing consumer preferences,” said Oren Stern, Kenshoo General Manager for Impact Navigator. “Impact Navigator solves these problems by producing real insights directly from marketing experiments that measure the incremental impact of different forms of media on the consumer. Marketers can be more agile and more in touch with what their customers really want, driving growth and competitive advantage in today’s markets.” 

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