Our 7 digital experts have shared their 2016 predictions and thoughts on the role of technology for agile marketers; now, let’s conclude this series with a little game of fill in the blank.

Let’s see how these leaders completed this sentence, The future of digital is…

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The future of digital is…

Bryan Benavides

“A happy customer. Retailers now have the technology and data to create a custom experience for their customers, which should create a positive shopping experience and a happy customer.  From segments and ads to landing pages and content, a retailer can message to new and existing customers using the right technology and data.”

Ryan Bonifacino

“Already passed by the time you read this response.”

Blagica Bottigliero

“More transparent. Everyone is getting savvier with what their devices do and don’t do, how content is delivered, even what ‘clickbait’ means. We’ve seen the vaporware created by programmatic. We have a unique opportunity to be more upfront with ourselves with how digital really works and what we rely on for everything from ad delivery to social clicks.”

Thomas Hoegh

“Comprehensively deployed with improved returns for marketers and a better consumer (or business user) experience from being inspired to engage and buy products and services that fit their needs and preferences.”

Chris Owen

“Exciting! With new platforms, ad products, and ways to engage audiences being introduced every day, it’s an exciting and challenging time to be a digital marketer. There are endless opportunities to test and learn, and constantly improve your marketing.”

Simon Trilsbach

“While digital budgets are still headed towards a growth trajectory, it is interesting to observe where marketers will be putting their money towards. After all, the market landscape is rapidly evolving; thus ultimately, these changes will affect how digital marketing plays out in the foreseeable future.”

Brian Utter

“Exciting, promising, complicated, evolving. We’re still very early in the overall digital marketing ecosystem. Trends, insights, channels, mediums have yet to born yet. And that is both exciting for a marketer but also intimidating. As we move into 2016, digital will be increasingly mobile and data driven.”