Discover your highest value customers and prospects most likely to convert

Reach, establish, and expand relationships with audiences

  • Incorporate intent into audience targeting and retargeting to efficiently reach high-value consumers on across channels
  • Activate cross-channel data to bid more effectively
  • Discover new audiences based on the traits and profiles of your top customers
  • Engage and build lifetime value with customers across channels and devices

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Comprehensive, Cross-channel Audience Management

Portable Intent Data

Execute scalable and automated audience targeting and advertising on Facebook through search insights with Intent-Driven Audiences (IDA)

Personal Libraries

Save time and maximize performance by easily saving, reusing, and updating libraries of your most profitable and influential audiences

Defined Cohorts

Optimize campaign bids to re-engage consumers and capture additional conversions efficiently via Remarketing List Ads for Search (RLSA)

Informed Retargeting

Capture consumers on Facebook and Instagram with real-time dynamic creative and optimize bids using your search and PLA performance data

IDA Overview

DMP Integrations

RLSA Overview