During the Facebook® Q3 2015 earnings call, the company revealed several notable updates including:

  • Mobile now accounts for 78% of Facebook’s advertising revenue
  • The platform sees 8 billion video views per day (double of what was reported at the end of Q1)

Kenshoo analysis on Q3 digital trends also noted mobile’s burgeoning role within social advertising, acting as the main driver for both spend and click growth.

Now, combine the power of mobile + video, and there’s a lot of opportunity to consider, particularly on the app install front. From our perspective, we’ve seen a 400% year-over-year growth in spend for mobile app install (MAI) video ads.

The power of video is that it offers a visually striking, immersive experience for the user. This is exactly why music app developer, Smule, turned to video MAI ads: to engage audiences by demonstrating the actual app experience.

By partnering with Kenshoo, Smule was able to seamlessly launch new MAI campaigns and minimize day-to-day campaign optimization, and ultimately, it was able to double its daily ad spend while maintaining a low CPI and a high click-through rate.

For its Sing! Karaoke app specifically, a month-over-month comparison from March to April for US campaigns revealed a CPI decrease of 17% and an impression-to-install rate increase of 75%.


Keep in mind that app installs are just one of the objectives you can optimize your videos for; others include:

  • Boosting your posts
  • Promoting your Page
  • Sending people to your website
  • Increasing conversions on your website
  • Increasing engagement in your app
  • Getting video views

Whatever your objective, be sure to make the call to action clear in your video with a landing page that’s optimized for the specific device on which it’s being viewed. Make your content compelling to grab the attention of audiences and encourage further engagement beyond the view.

If you’re not yet leveraging video to achieve your marketing goals on Facebook, you may want to consider testing this growing opportunity in 2016. To learn more about how Kenshoo can help you maximize your video efforts, contact us today.

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