This is the season when high school seniors all over the nation are getting their college acceptance letters. I remember when I worked in the admissions office of my university,  the buzz and anticipation during this time of year was felt by both the university and the prospective students, some of whom weren’t even seniors yet.

This high sense of competition in the education field can be felt on all levels, even down through the digital marketing programs these universities run. A competitive field and increasingly tight budget –these were the challenges confronting Nicole O’Donnell, Loyola University of Chicago’s director of enrollment marketing. With the help of WSI Digital Marketing, Nicole sought a way to streamline its online recruitment efforts without sacrificing valuable leads.

Achieving that goal meant rigorously managing and measuring Loyola’s search marketing campaigns. And WSI knew the right tools for that job. Deploying Kenshoo Enterprise and Kenshoo Editor, the team sharpened Loyola’s bid policies and yielded immediate results.

One month after adopting the new strategy, Loyola’s cost-per-lead dropped 18 percent. Even more valuably, the university’s lead volume skyrocketed by more than 200 percent over the benchmark.

As it turns out, those results improved even more in the second month. Loyola, WSI, and Kenshoo combined to bring the university’s message to prospective students more efficiently than ever.  By creating a foundation for a successful search program, Nicole could focus on the higher-level enrollment strategies needed to drive long-term growth.

You can read the full details of Nicole’s and Loyola’s success story here to learn how you can graduate your search program to a whole new level.

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