Join Kenshoo & Quisma For Cocktails & Dinner

With Amazon’s rumoured arrival in the Nordic region for later this year, many companies are unsure about the impact it will have on their business.

It goes without saying that across the rest of Europe, it has now firmly established itself as the leader in e-commerce with more and more consumers turning to the platform when researching and purchasing products.

But it has also been impossible to avoid the press attention it is receiving as the third major player in digital advertising alongside Google and Facebook. Just where does Amazon fit in the world of advertising?

Maybe you have already started on your Amazon advertising journey? Or maybe you are still thinking about what role it will play as part of your strategy when it arrives. Either way we invite you to join us and your peers for cocktail tasting and dinner at as we share insights and knowledge around this emerging channel.

Thursday 14th June from 5pm – 9pm | Eriks Gondolen

Menu For Discussion

Where does Amazon fit into an advertisers overall digital advertising strategy? How are brands investing in the channel and how is this evolving over time?

There has been a lot of talk in the press about Amazon v’s Google & Facebook – how can the three channels work better together to drive better performance and value throughout the funnel?

What does success look like on Amazon? How do you measure it and how do you optimise performance?

What are the biggest challenges brands face with regards to Amazon advertising and how are they overcoming them?

The Hosts

Matt Vignieri
Managing Director - EMEA
Johan Skogstrom
Sales Director, Northern Europe


Our venue for this event is the fantastic Eriks Gondolen.