Strong performance in both categories result in greater investments, buoying social and paid search

San Francisco (July 25, 2017) Kenshoo (, the global leader in agile marketing, today released a new infographic, Kenshoo Digital Marketing Snapshot: Q2 2017, showing how increased emphasis on mobile and product-focused ads drove spending growth in both social (40%) and paid search (10%) year-over-year (YoY). In social, mobile ad spending increased 51% YoY, accounting for 79% of total spend in the quarter; product ad spending grew 63% YoY, accounting for 26% of e-commerce spending. In paid search, mobile ad spending increased 45% YoY, accounting for 41% of total spending; product ad spending increased 33% YoY, accounting for 32% of e-commerce spending.

Other key findings include:

  • Social spending increased 40% YoY and 18% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ)
  • Social impressions increased 1% YoY but declined 7% QoQ
  • Social clicks increased 33% YoY and 6% QoQ
  • Social click-through rate (CTR) increased 31% YoY and 14% QoQ
  • Social cost-per-thousand (CPM) impressions increased 39% YoY and 27% QoQ
  • Paid search spending increased 10% YoY and 3% QoQ
  • Paid search impressions increased 11% YoY and 5% QoQ
  • Paid search clicks increased 22% YoY and 5% QoQ
  • Paid search CTR increased 10% YoY and remained static QoQ

“More and more consumers are clicking on mobile ads, product ads and mobile product ads, which encourages more ad inventory from publishers and more investment from marketers,” said Chris Costello, senior director of marketing research for Kenshoo. “These ads have become the lynchpins of digital advertising, and as advertisers have seen success and engagement with these devices and formats, they increased investments, sustaining double-digit growth for the whole of social and paid search.”

Beyond mobile and product ads, advertisers continued to invest in video ads in social, comprising nearly 30% of total social spending. In paid search, the transition to Expanded Text Ads accounted for 70% of clicks on keyword search ads and 75% of spending in the category.

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Visit to download the new infographic, Kenshoo Digital Marketing Snapshot: Q2 2017.

Search and social results are based on five quarters of performance data managed on the Kenshoo platform from over 3,000 advertiser and agency accounts across 20 vertical industries and over 60 countries, spanning Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo!, Yahoo! Japan and the Facebook® Audience Network. Some outliers have been excluded. The resulting sample includes more than 500 billion impressions, 13 billion clicks and $6 billion (USD) in advertiser spend. Ad spending and CPC are measured using Ex-FX or “Constant Currency” adjustments, where results are based on native currency, and only translated to common currency after aggregation.