Today, we’re featuring a snapshot from a discussion with Ashley Verrill, a Managing Editor with Software Advice, as well as a contributor to TechCrunch, GigaOM and She’s joined us to discuss a new interactive infographic she created, The Social App Map, which features data on the top social media applications and technologies.

What was the goal of the Social App Map?

The social software space has evolved so quickly that buyers often struggle with knowing exactly where to start their research. This challenge is compounded when you consider that ever vendor uses slightly different terminology to describe their tool. What one calls “social analytics,” another calls “social monitoring.” The goal of the Social App Map was essentially to provide software buyers a simple, yet effective tool for quickly navigating the market.

How did you go about conducting the research for this project?

To conduct the research, I identified more than 120 leading social solutions. Then, I emailed them eligibility forms and chose the 70 frontrunners. The process took more than eight months, but it was definitely an enlightening journey. I tried to select products that represented both newcomers, and those more established in the market. I wanted to include price points on both ends of the spectrum, we well as systems with a diverse range of features.

Why did you select Kenshoo to participate in this project?

I chose Kenshoo specifically as being a standout because of its tools for advertisers. No other product on the market offers such robust attribution modeling for social media. Advertisers can select from several pre-configured, rules-based models, or create their own. It’s unique to find this level of flexibility, while still being really intuitive to use.

You can view the Social App Map here.