Eyewear retailer consolidates and automates search and social advertising across 40 countries

Hong Kong, October 13thMotion Global, operator of the global SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group, announced it has deployed agile marketing technology from Kenshoo to create a search and social advertising program that enables it to keep costs low and grow its business across 40 countries.

Motion Global selected Kenshoo as its search and social advertising platform because it wanted to implement an automated keyword bidding solution, advanced reporting, and drive higher conversion rates and ROI across channels for SmartBuyGlasses. Global Digital Markeitng Manager, Augustin du Mesnildotat, Motion Global said the digital advertising solutions delivered by Kenshoo have resulted in a dramatic improvement in the company’s sales performance, and cost control across many of its key markets.

“Since we implemented the Kenshoo Infinity suite, sales increased up to 60% compared to last year with an increase in conversions above 90%. We also kept costs low and in the last quarter secured a 15% decrease in overall cost per acquisition”, said Mesnildotat at Motion Global. “Our efficiency has increased dramatically as we went from having ten team members managing our AdWords and Bing campaigns to only three search engine marketing specialists working closely with the Kenshoo team in Asia. “

The SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group, one of the world’s largest designer eyewear e-commerce companies, has operations in Germany, Italy, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Australia, America and Canada. An early mover in the online eyewear market, SmartBuyGlasses distributes designer eyewear brands such as Calvin Klein, Fendi, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs through sophisticated e-commerce systems. It has 150 staff focused on providing servicing and fulfillment orders from customers all around the world.

The company wanted to automate its digital advertising campaigns and become more efficient, as it operates in 15 different languages and across multiple continents. It also wanted to integrate all of the search engines it was deploying, including Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo!, to save time and improve workflow efficiencies.

“It was vital to Motion Global that we integrate multiple search publishers through a third party technology as we needed to make our campaign management more efficient,” said Mesnildotat. “We also needed consistent campaign management across different countries and multiple channels, and Kenshoo made it possible for us to achieve that.”

Motion Global also deployed the Kenshoo Dimensions feature, which enabled the brand to better organise ad copy and campaigns for individual search advertising programs, providing more control to accurately pinpoint shifts in performance, and easily copy its campaigns and apply learnings in conversions across publishers and channels in other markets and countries.

Dimensions is a great organisational tool within Kenshoo Search that allows brands to categorize program elements and create groups that extend beyond the native campaign hierarchy.

“The Kenshoo dimensions labeling was quite powerful as it helped us to manage more than 1500 campaigns across 40 markets, using 25 languages, and creating daily, weekly and monthly reports with ease. In turn, this enabled Motion Global to monitor performance, tweak our campaigns, and keep a firm view of how our digital advertising budget was being spent,” said Mesnildotat. Coupled with Kenshoo’s Advanced Search tool, the retailer was able to gain agility in its search advertising program analysis and enhance overall quality control.

Kenshoo’s Portfolio Optimisation capability and other bid policies were also adopted to to automate bidding and improve performance. Furthermore, Motion Global applied attribution models from Kenshoo to assign proper value across publishers for each conversion.

On the social side, which has been more recently adopted due to the success seen in search, the goal is to increase ROI by driving more traffic and conversions to their website at a lower cost. Since the company focuses on engaged leads, retargeting is a primary tactic for the team. As such, they launched Dynamic Product Ads and leveraged the Facebook Pixel to target customers who visited product pages or the checkout but did not convert. This allows the company to focus on consumers with high purchase intent which aligns with the company’s recent adoption of Kenshoo’s Intent Driven Audiences which automatically creates Facebook custom audiences based on the intent consumers demonstrate in their search activity.

“We are very pleased with the results of our move into the arena of advanced search and social advertising and we are now looking to work with Kenshoo more closely on the synergies we can provide here and through incorporating other channels. Our recent adoption of Intent Driven Audiences is a great example of how we are leveraging the more sophisticated best in class digital technology to reach our best audiences and drive better business results ” said Mesnildotat.

Read the full case study here.

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