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Reach Your Customers Wherever They are with Best-in-Class Mobile Solutions

Identify, optimize for and acquire your highest lifetime value audiences across key mobile channels and platforms

Sophisticated Cross-Device Marketing

Pinpoint Targeting

Improve relevancy to reach audiences by geo, device type, and OS across mobile web and native apps

Lifetime Value (LTV) Optimization

Drive mobile app installs and re-engagement to measure and grow LTV

Mobile Conversions

Leverage call data and in-app activity to generate qualified mobile leads and optimize programs

Cross-Channel Coverage

Reach mobile prospects and customers across leading search, social, and display channels

Seamlessly target and engage across devices during your customer's digital journey

  • Automate campaigns, maximize performance, and meet your target goals with powerful, mobile-specific bidding algorithms
  • Understand LTV by measuring in-app actions like purchases and other downstream events through our proprietary SDK and leading mobile measurement integrations
  • Drive key consumer activities such as phone calls, local listing interactions, app installs, and more by activating mobile ad types across search and social

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Mobile Measurement through Kenshoo SDK, Facebook SDK, and 3rd party partners:

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