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Mind the (Data) Gap

What CPGs need for retail-intelligent advertising and ecommerce success

Advertisers with the least data about their customers are most at risk of wasted spend, and that’s a situation many CPG marketers know all too well. — Nielsen

Learn about the evolving, highly-competitive CPG landscape and why data is the key to unlocking performance in this new age.

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How to Mind the (Data) Gap

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What’s changed: Without direct customer relationships, CPG marketers lack vital consumer data

The world of shopping and selling online has changed. CPG marketers are getting pulled into new areas of focus which require true data maturity and the lack of data is now a real issue. To manage the gap, they must understand what data they have, what data they need, how to fill their data gaps, and how to apply and operationalize the data once they have it successfully.

[CPGs] “struggle to connect campaigns with specific sales because most transactions occur through a third-party distributor, like a grocer, independent retailer, or ecommerce site. Unlike retailers and financial services brands — which are flush with transaction, digital intelligence, and call center data — CPGs have almost no direct access to customer-level purchase data. This makes measuring campaign-level marketing objectives, like building customer loyalty or promoting repeat purchases, much harder.” - Forrester Research

What's missing? New, critical areas where CPG marketers need data

The CPG landscape has changed dramatically over the last five years. As more consumer buying behavior migrates offline to online, CPG marketing budgets have followed. The digital transformation isn’t new, but its dramatic acceleration has caught many companies off guard and unprepared. 

Additionally, new competition from direct-to-consumer (DTC) and private-label brands are forcing CPGs to rethink their market strategies. To fuel data-driven decision making, CPG marketers need much more consumer data than ever before.

Read this report to learn about the kinds of data CPG marketers need, ways they can get that data, and how best to use it once they do. 

Read this report to learn more about:

  • The new market shifts creating the challenges facing today’s consumer packaged goods marketers

  • Why consumer data is the key to overcoming ecommerce obstacles

  • The types of data CPG marketers lack and why they need it

  • How to access and activate critical datasets 

  • Recommendations for building a CPG marketing practice based on data

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