Marginal ROI. A key question that eludes many marketers is: where is the best place to spend my next marketing dollar?

Forecasting tools can be deployed in creative ways to not only help model historical data but also determine future potential of specific publishers. By forecasting the Marginal ROI of each publisher individually (rather than overall ROI), marketers can compare the value of incremental spending and make data-driven investment decisions. As part of this study commissioned by Microsoft, Kenshoo analyzed paid search programs broken out by publisher to understand the spending potential for Bing Ads.

As publishers and channels proliferate, a deeper understanding of Marginal ROI and its relationship to program effectiveness will be increasingly important to remain agile in your decision making. Download your copy of the report to learn more about the power of marginal ROI and how you might be able to apply it to uncover investment opportunities on Bing and beyond.